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My name is Gealber, as you can see I’m bald and currently working as a backend developer. In general someone with curiosity on how things works. Here I’ll be exploring things related to backend in general. Good luck reading my content. As you will notice when you start reading my content, I'm not a native English Speaker so if you find any typo, feel free to tell me.

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Current personal projects

When I have free time, I basically work on personal projects. Most of them has the only purpose of challenging myself on learning new stuffs of which I have no idea. I'll list here a couple of them


Telegram bot for acquiring TON using USDT on Solana and Polygon network. Already happy with the implementation, I had to stop it because is not receiving enough traffic that allows me to earn money with it. Nevertheless, I learned a lot with this project, specially working with TON, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana

Reading go-ethereum code

Currently reading code from go-ethereum to learn more about the internals of it.

Reverse engineering

Is on the list but will be my next goal, learn about this interesting subject. I already studied Assembly for that purpose. Let's see how it goes.